Refinishing Floors…?

I’ve just moved into an old farmhouse where the carpet is older than dirt.. I lifted a piece of the carpet and saw that there is some type of adhesive. (it’s black so it must be ancient) Under the adhesive there is solid wood floor. I’d like to remove the adhesive and refinish the floor.

Shall I sand off the adhesive or is there a chemical I can use to make the removal process less time consuming?

Thanks in advance

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    • mel s:

      If the adhesive is dry (which it should be), you should sand.

      You use a heavy sand paper, and then a light, and then refinish. I would talk to the people at the rental store to get some ideas. Also, be careful about which stain you use. If there are some preeixisiting stains you will need a little darker stain to blend them in.

    • James S:

      I would refinish the floors in this sequence:

      * remove nasty carpet and underlay

      * using a clean flat shovel, paint scraper, or razor blade tool, gently scrape all the mess off the wood that you can

      * vacuum the floor well

      * rent a rotary sander (looks like a commercial floor polisher) from the rental store and buy some sanding pads. You might need a few of each grit. Start with a coarse sanding pad. Because the adhesive will be coming off on it, it will get full of material more quickly than it should. Changing it will help you do a nice job.

      * use progressively finer sanding pads until you have the floor smooth as a baby’s bottom

      * sand parts that the rotary sander can’t reach by hand

      * vacuum floor very well (very important)

      * seal the wood with your choice of stain or sealer, following the directions on the package.

      By using the rotary sander, you will be able to do a fairly fast job. My father and I stripped the main floor of our house in a day, and our 600 sq ft cement floor back room in one day also. It isn’t hard, just dusty.

      Please do yourself a favor and wear a mask. Otherwise, you will have green/black material coming out when you blow your nose for a day or two afterwards.

    • kkuhns69:

      I work in a flooring store and we recommend that you get a professional to do the work

    • Jason F:

      More than likely you will have no trouble sanding it. My pine flooring had the same type of substance on it along with who knows what…
      Refinishing floors is a project, that with just a little research, is more than attainable for the average homeowner.

      I have refinished my 150 year old hardwaood oak flooring as well as a very old wide plank floor in our sun room. The floors look 100 % professional.

      I recmd’ high gloss finish if your doing oak and satin on any pine type flooring.

    • stevesherri:

      unless you’ve tackled sanding floors before you might want to re-consider and hire a pro.
      my bro tried his floor and he had circular stop points all over the place… he made a mess of his floor!
      becareful not to let the sander sit too long in one spot!

      we had ours pro done and there was gummy paint blotches and they sanded right over it – so i’m sure you could sand over glue.

      good luck!

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