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What does the thickness of a hardwood floor mean?

We have to get our hardwood floors replaced. It turns out the builder on our house installed 1/16" hardwood floors, what I’m told is that is rather cheap flooring. We are getting it replaced with either 3/8" or 1/2", my question is this… What is the difference in thickness? What is the benefit to getting a thicker wood?

We’re going with engineered wood because we have to glue it down to a concrete slab. Any other tips/info you can give would be great, looking for all advice I can get.

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    Can You Put Polyurethane Over Wood Veneer Paper?

    I have an "engineered wood floor" in my house. It is the plywood with a very very thin layer of real wood on the top.

    There are several worn and discolored spots. Unfortunately, I cannot sand it. But what I was thinking was that I could get wood veneer, and cut into sections to match the floor.

    My only question is: If I glue wood veneer over wood planks that are worn, can I then put 2-3 coats of polyurethane over it? Will it hold up and stick to it and protect it?


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      New hardwood floor install and some tips

      I’ve been working on my house alot lately. The most recent milestone was the completion of my hardwood floor install. This is a video I made of the last room I did. There are few tips and things to avoid to make the install pretty painless.

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        installing engineered floors?

        im installing engineered wood flooring dont know which is better glue ,foam ,float. I live in upland ca .called around i get different opinions please explain best overall if you were getting it install in your home thank you.

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          What gets tar off wood floors?

          I have an old 2 story house and the upstairs is wood flooring and they had the old style hard tile flooring which I am pulling up to refinish the wood underneath, but looks like they used tar to lay the tiles/lanolium. Or some kind of glue that doesn’t come up. How do I get off so I can strip it down to the bare wood to refinish?

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            Can you install engineered hardwood flooring just like a laminate?

            I don’t like the look of laminates compared to wood, but I have a concrete slab and can’t afford the expensive installation process of putting in a solid hardwood floor. Do all engineered floors have the option of a floating glue-together installation, or are they just glue-down?

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              Top Tips for Installing Wooden Floors

              A list of fitting tips to help you avoid the most common problems with laying solid or engineered wooden floors. Chauncey’s are one of the leading trade suppliers of solid and engineered oak flooring in the UK. We manufacture and supply a wide range of new and reclaimed wood flooring to trade customers. Website: Blog: Thanks to John for letting us use a bit of his music at the start

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                Wood Flooring glue not sticking. Any solutions?

                We installed engineered wood planking on a hot dry day. The glue apparently crusted over in one area and is not bonding the flooring to the concrete slab subfloor. You can feel a slight "give" when you walk over this area and then you feel a tackiness as the floor boards lift when you step off of them.

                I cannot purchase additional boards, as these were bought on closeout. Any ideas?
                the area in question seems to be about 18" x 18"
                The vendor told me to glue directly to the slab.

                This is Southern California – not that we have "hillbillies" here, but perhaps it’s an OK thing to do in a dry climate.

                At any rate, I will need to ask the vendor about this later today.

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                  Hard Wood Engineered Floor – Float or Glue?

                  We are trying to decide between two products based on their different application.
                  1. Home Legend Maple Durham click-lock to be installed floating (with moisture barrier and padding)
                  2. Shaw Brass Maple to be glued (using new one step non-toxic glue)

                  Our slab is not perfect. We are doing a large 700 sq ft room including foyer, kitchen, hallway, and large living area. I do not like the hollow sound laminate makes and want to avoid this. Should we glue the floor or install floating? We will be installing ourselves (husband works in masonry).

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                    How do I "refinish" a hardwood floor?

                    I’m not sure if refinish is the right word to use, but here’s the deal: at some point the previous owners of my house glued horrible plastic tiling to a gorgeous wood floor. I’ve been pulling these tiles up by using a hair dryer to make the glue underneath soft and the tiles loose. It works like a charm! I’m lost as to what to do next, though. Do I sand the floor? Is there some sort of cleaner I can use to remove any of the glue’s residue? I’m quite inexperienced in this area, and love do-it-yourself projects. If there’s a helpful webpage anyone knows of, I’d appreciate you posting the address. Thank you!

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