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Do I need a moisture barrier for our engineered wood floor install?

We are building a new home and are having engineered wood floors 1/2" thick and 5" wide installed in our living room and hallways, no wet areas. Our floor installer says he does not usually put a moisture under the wood floors and it has always worked out fine. I have read conflicting information regarding having the moisture barrier and not having it. I would appreciate any information or opinions.

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    has anyone used stanley steemer to refinish hardwood floors?

    I have a circa 1920 craftsman style home with 1 inch wide oak hardwood floors throughout. This includes my living room, dining room, small hallway and 2 bedrooms. I would like to have them refinished by Stanley Steemer. I have no idea how much this will cost or how well they do the job. Any help would b greatly appreciated.

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      Is $3450.00 a high price to refinish 1300 sq ft of hardwood floor?

      45 sq-ft of boards will be replaced. It will be vacuum sanded (no mess) and it will be triple coated. The work includes a small walk-in between 2 entry doors, foyer, Living room, dining room, 2 set of stairways 1st landing second level hallway and 3 bedrooms. Averages out to .65 a Sq-ft..

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        Has anyone had a contractor pull carpet up and refinish wood floors underneath in NJ?

        If so, how much did it cost and who did you go through? I’m trying to get rough estimates without having to call contractors and deal with the sales pitch. Don’t know the exact measurements but it’s for a smallish living room and hallway. We were going to do it ourselves, but if it’s not too expensive I rather have someone come do it. We’re in central New Jersey.

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          What is the standard price for refinishing a hardwood floor?

          I’m guessing that the room (my living room) is 13×13. There is latex paint covering the wood currently, which would need to be stripped before a natural finish is put on the floor. I don’t want anything fancy, just a routine strip and finish job. How much would you say this job would normally run?

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            What's the best tool to use to remove dog/cat hair from a hardwood floor?

            Our dog and cat shed everywhere, and the only places that we aren’t able to keep clean are the hardwood floor in the living room and the Pergo floor in the kitchen. We’ve tried everything from our vaccuum cleaner to a Swiffer to a dust mop, but we can’t ever pick up all of the hair. What has worked for you?

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            I want to refinish my floors what is the best kind of sealant?

            I have refinished tables before but never a floor. This is my living room with a heavy amount of traffic, so what is the best kind of sealant, I really don’t know if that is the word to use for it, but should I use polyurethane, pollyacrylic, varnish? Also what is the best method of application. I know the basics like sand, sand in between coats. Any other advice would be great!!!!

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            Can I refinish my Hardwood floor?

            My living room has carpeting right now but beneath it is a hardwood floor. As far as I know it is the original floor installed when the house was built in 1920. There is no subfloor’s right on the floor joists. Structurally it seems ok… but the seams between the strips are kinda black which I’m guessing is due to exposure to moisture over the years. I want to re-finish and use a dark brown/redish stain but I dont want the black to come though. I know it’s hard to tell without seeing it but do you think I could refinish or does it need to be replaced? Is there a way to "bleach" it?
            Thanks for your help!

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            help with desiging a room around vertical dark oak wall paneling. Floor colors? lighting? Refinish? Help thnks?

            This is Solid vertical oak paneling, and i really don’t want to take it down, I am looking for some ideas on how to brighten the room 20×10′
            by changing the floor color / material. or refinishing? The floor and ceiling are open pallets. any ideas would be greatly appreciated thnks.
            This particular room is a living room. i do have the cash for new flooring be it tile or wood,. i’m thinking since the wall paneling is pretty dark, i might go with a natural stained oak floor… oak oak and maybe some more oak… and some oak over their.
            No painting the paneling allowed.
            Ok here are some ideas…..1) I could paint the Panels then distress them to make them loeok old. 2) completely refinish them in a natural stain. 3) actually cut the panels in half, take down the upper half, puut up drywall and then run chair railing along the panel drywall seam, then finish the panels with any of the above. paint the walls a navaho white… a sandy beachy white w/ distressed wood panels. hmmmm.

            I have thought about using a thin brick paver and now that you mentioned slate that would be really cool. the ony concern about the masonry, rock maaterials is the weight issue on my floor joists. they are 2×10’s but that is alot of weight to carry. but i could go with something slate colored. i need to marinate on this some more… thanks for the help.

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            Removing tile adhesive from a hardwood floor?

            I’m looking for some quick, inexpensive ways to remove black tile adhesive from 180-200 sqaure feet of hardwood floor in our living room.

            I was planning to work on small sections at a time if possible, because I work full-time and will most likely have to attempt this restoration while my 14-month-old is at home with me.

            It has occurred to us that we may have to empty the room and sand it off with coarse grit sandpaper and refinish the floor, but I was really hoping to just clean it.

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