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how do i refinish a very old solid-wood desk?

i just got my hands on a very old solid wood desk. it was very dirty; it had years worth of papers and mice left overs stuck to it. i brushed it clean with a solution of Murphy’s oil and water. now that it is clean i can see that it has some stains, discoloration, white rings, and some sides of the legs are scraped clean of paint. it also has many scratches.
I would like to refinish it without taking away the "antiqueness" of it and without reducing its value.
is "Restore-a-Finish" a good choice of product for this project?

Thanks for any help.

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    How do you get paint off of basement concrete floor?

    We are trying to refinish our basement. The previous owners painted the concrete floor. If we go with concrete stain, the paint must be removed. How do you remove the paint? Power washer? Any ideas?
    Thanks & many blessings

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      Is it cheaper to sand/refinish hardwood flooring or to buy new carpet?

      We just moved into our (new to us) home. Upon ripping up the old gross carpeting upstairs, the "beautiful" hardwoods that were supposed to be underneath were anything but. There is paint splattered all over them in many different spots and they have never been refinished. You can tell they would be nice, if they were sanded and stained. We have spent so much money on the new house, I want to go the cheapest route! Refinishing or carpet? Any ideas?

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        Refinish hardwood stairs that were carpeted

        Taking carpet off of hard wood stairs. Refinishing and painting the stairs.

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          Refinishing a painted vanity?

          My mom recently gave me an antique vanity that I had in my bedroom when I was growing up. We always painted it to match the colors of my room/decor, but now I would like to strip all the paint off and refinish the wood underneath. I like projects, and am pretty capable, but am not sure where to start. Are there any websites you can direct me to, or do you have any tips? Don’t tell me to contract it out, I like to do projects like this by myself. Thanks!

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            How can I clean and refinish my hardwood floors? They are in rough shape?

            They have been carpeted and covered with linoleum I think there is some type of glue on it from the linoleum it is black and has been painted in some spots the overall condition is good except for the paint and black stuff. Is there any kind of cleaner or stripper for this flooring?

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              What would be the best way to refinish painted hardwood floors?

              I am not sure if sanding the paint off the floors or using a chemical stripper would be the best way to go about this? Any tips would be greatly appreciated? Or if anyone has done this themselves please tell me how it turned out or any problems I might encounter???

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                How can I refinish my hardwood floors so that they look better?

                My husband has asthma and breathing problems. I sanded my floors, but cannot use the smelly stuff on them because my husband cannot take the fumes, plus they take about two days to dry. Is there anything else I can do to lighten them up or protect them such as porch paint or other?

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                  Refinishing Cedar Cabinet and doors?

                  Question: When refinishing Cedar wood, after you have stripped the paint off, sanded it down and put one coat of polyurethane on it, what should you do before putting a second coat on?
                  I’ve been told to sand it down, but that left sand marks all over the door, then someone else told me to use steal wool on it, then apply the second coat.
                  What is the best way to do this?
                  do you do this by hand or can you use a hand sander?

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                    Can I refinish my wood floor if so how?

                    I have some wood floors that are kind of old and have some knicks in them and look dry. Is there a way that I can make them look good? Like sanding and putting on a coat of something?

                    There is also a portion of the floor that looks a bit shinier like it had been coated with something but it is peeling. So do I sand and coat that?

                    Also, one room has some paint on the floor of some sort of design for the kids floor. Can I sand this off as well without destroying it or something?

                    Lastly how much do you think all of this will cost?

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