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Water based vs oil based floor finishes?

We are having our hardwood floors refinished. Any personal opinions whether to use a water-based finish versus an oil based polyurethane? Concerns are durability and scratch resistance, yellowing with age, and lingering odor after application.

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    how do you get an unsealed wood floor to shine?

    my floor was just refinished with an oil base stain- I did not put polyurethene on it-how do I get it to shine
    IT has been waxed. Can you put a finish on wax?
    I did not want the high gloss you get from polyurethane- I just want a semi glossy look like you get from wax

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      Should I use epoxy or polyurethane on wood floors?

      I just bought a house and I want to refinish the wood floors. I’ve received quotes from two different companies. They offer different types of finishing processes. One uses epoxy; the other uses polyurethane. Epoxy cost about 0 more. (00 vs. 00) Is it worth the price difference? Please advise.


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        How to refinish a damaged spot on a wood dining room table?

        My daughter spilled some acetone on our wood dining room table, trying to remove her fake finger nails. Just a spot of the top finish is damaged. Do I have to refinish the entire top of the table, or can I just touch up the spot? I don’t know if the finish is Polyurethane, or lacquer. How would I proceed to repair this?

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          Can You Put Polyurethane Over Wood Veneer Paper?

          I have an "engineered wood floor" in my house. It is the plywood with a very very thin layer of real wood on the top.

          There are several worn and discolored spots. Unfortunately, I cannot sand it. But what I was thinking was that I could get wood veneer, and cut into sections to match the floor.

          My only question is: If I glue wood veneer over wood planks that are worn, can I then put 2-3 coats of polyurethane over it? Will it hold up and stick to it and protect it?


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            Refinishing hardwood stairs – carpet/padding staples left stains in the wood!?

            After removing the carpeting and padding and staples from my hardwood steps, I found stains (probably rust) where the staples went into the wood. How do I remove the stains before I apply polyurethane? I tried some Clorox on one stain and that did nothing. I am afraid if I try to sand the stains out I will remove too much wood. I’ve already sanded the stairs nice and smooth.

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              A week ago I sanded my wood floors. They were in beautiful condition so I applied oil based polyurethane on them a few days ago. The Minwax can said to wait 8-12 hours before applying a second coat. About 48 hours later I took a look at the floors and they looked fine but when you walked on them they were very bumpy which I had expected. Everyone said to sand in between coats so I took an orbital sander with 220 grit sandpaper and went over all the floors to smooth them out. Afterwards I tried vacuuming because it looked full of saw dust but when I began to use the vacuum, nothing came up. The sander seems to have left these permanent white marks throughtout the entire floor. I tried using mineral spirits but after the floor dried the spots re-appeared. My question is, is this normal ( I highly doubt it), and where do I go from here. Do I keep using mineral spirits? Do I go ahead and apply the second coat of polyurethane. Please Help!!

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                Wood Floor Refinishing- Polyurethane?

                Hi there,

                In the past few weeks I decided to redo my wood floors. I rented sanders from home depot and sanded the floor to have the beautiful blonde wood look. After sanding I went to home depot to have assistance picking out a polyurethane. I wanted to keep the wood blonde and thought I had expressed that clearly to the guy helping me. That night I began applying the polyurethane throughout the house. When I put the polyurethane on the wood it turned brown. Being my first time I thought that was normal and thats how it looks and then dries clear. I was wrong. My beautiful blonde floors turned amber. He obviously gave me an oil based polyurethane. As upset as I am I know I cant undo it so im trying to move forward and learn a lesson. After the polyurethane dried I have started sanding with a fine grade sandpaper and hoped it would lighten the wood color. It didint make much of a difference but now my question is…EVEN THOUGH I APPLIED AN OIL BASED POLYURETHANE FOR THE FIRST COAT AND HAVE AMBER COLORED FLOORS, FOR THE NEXT/LAST COAT CAN I APPLY A WATER BASED POLYURETHANE SO THE WOOD DOESNT GET ANY DARKER? Is that safe or realistic. Thanks for your help!

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                  Engineered Hardwood Sand & Finish

         Watch as we refinish this existing 3 engineered hardwood and add unfinished hardwood that is finished to match. A challenging project with a great ending.

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                    Not sure what to do with these ugly wood floors as far as refinishing them, any suggestions?

                    I am moving into an old house (renting) and the landlord is pretty open to whatever I want to do to the house including the unfinished wood floor. I don’t want a whole lot of work but I would like to have a somewhat presentable and comfortable floor. right now, walking on it is like walking on an old weathered wood deck, there are black stains from moisure and colored stains from other spills and the whole floor is in very rough shape. I would like to be able to move in by this coming weekend so I don’t have a whole lot of time.
                    I have considered staining and varnish, but that seems like a lot of work and you would have to know what you are doing. then I learned about Tung Oil, but that also seems like a lot of upkeep and maintainance.
                    My latest idea is a white wash with a clear poly over that. I would lightly sand the floor, then paint with a watered down white latex, then wipe most of it off before it dries. then the next day, I would Put a Clear Poly on it, maybe 2 coats.
                    What do you think? Suggestions? Techniques? Water or Oil Based Polyurethane?

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