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How to Clean a Wood Floor l Parquet Flooring London When fitting wood flooring, whether it’s parquet, hardwood, solid wood, parquet, laminate or engineered, here’s how to clean it. These are the basics to follow.

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    Do I need a moisture barrier for our engineered wood floor install?

    We are building a new home and are having engineered wood floors 1/2" thick and 5" wide installed in our living room and hallways, no wet areas. Our floor installer says he does not usually put a moisture under the wood floors and it has always worked out fine. I have read conflicting information regarding having the moisture barrier and not having it. I would appreciate any information or opinions.

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      Wood Floors and Radiant Heating presents an ongoing series about wood flooring glossary terms that will help you buy wood flooring with confidence. This video is about radiant heating under a wood floor.

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        Learn about the costs of various flooring options and the advantages of each.

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          BuildDirect at the oak lumber factory

 Co-Founder Rob Banks visits an oak flooring factory in Indonesia. Take a look at how US bought wood for flooring is stored, cut, and selected for North American flooring consumers.

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            Jasper Fiji Engineered Floors from BuildDirect

   Co-Founder Rob Banks announces the latest product launch; Jasper brand ‘Fiji’ engineered wood flooring.

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              Should I use epoxy or polyurethane on wood floors?

              I just bought a house and I want to refinish the wood floors. I’ve received quotes from two different companies. They offer different types of finishing processes. One uses epoxy; the other uses polyurethane. Epoxy cost about 0 more. (00 vs. 00) Is it worth the price difference? Please advise.


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                simpleFLOORS. Taste. The difference. Simple Floors offers premium grade quality flooring.

                Dawn talks about why Simple Floors is different than our competitors. Simplefloors offers highest grade, latest style wood, bamboo, laminate and cork floors. With german finishes, handmade surface textures and extensive species selection, our clients have the best selections to choose from. The best of both worlds exuding taste with low prices, our floors have premium grade with full warranty.

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                  simpleFLOORS Delivers hardwood flooring nationwide including Canada

                  Glenn talks about the various elements of our white glove nationwide floor delivery. Secure packing in smaller boxes put in a pallet makes it safer to ship. Simple Floors uses quality carriers with large and proven shipping company like Fedex Freight. Full services with dedicated customer service are always available to assist from ordering, to delivery and even technical related issues.

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                    How can I fix up my old wood floors in my apartment? A Buffer machine? Or refinish?

                    We rent a vintage apartment in Chicago. It’s a really nice place except for the floors…TERRIBLE! They are covered with deep scuff marks, scratches, etc. Imagine the original wood floors of a 100 year old building. I know my landlord won’t redo the floors. They’re too cheap. What can I do by myself to clean them up? Will a buffer machine work well enough or do they need to be completely refinished? I can’t afford to refinish. Any advice would be helpful!

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